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What They Say About CAIR

"Ellen,  THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR EXTRAORDINARY DEDICATION ON THIS CASE!  At the beginning of this case, the odds of winning weren't great - in fact it was a little guys vs. an established institution. It took a belief and a dedication to stand up for the oppressed.   In the end the truth prevailed.  Thank you for standing for what is right. Please THANK your colleagues at CAIR as well. It is an honor working with you!" - A client

"I heard you on MPR today. Thank you CAIR for all the work you do for our community. There are many out there who benefit from the work CAIR does. We appreciate it." –Muslim Community Member

"I must reiterate that the CLE session ["Understanding Your Muslim Clients"] was one of the best I have ever had in local areas since I started law practice in 1982. Hats off to your team." –September 2011 CLE Attendee

"Mashallah, praise be to Allah, alhamdulilaah, I read the agreement [EEOC-mediated agreement allowing Muslim employees right to break Ramadan fast at Electrolux plant] and it is wonderful and excellent. Tears of joy are rolling down my cheeks now." –Muslim employee at Electrolux

"The Senate District 34 DFL Central Committee wishes to thank CAIR-MN for Kashif Saroya's outstanding presentation last night at the Chanhassen Library. We had a great turnout for Kashif's presentation, he answered even the most controversial questions directly and informatively and he helped immensely in bridging the gaps of understanding between the non-Muslim and Muslim members of our community. Please convey our message of appreciation to your members and to Kashif." –Affirmative Action Officer, SD34 DFL

"CAIR is the one who taught me to not to talk to the FBI/Law enforcement unless you have a lawyer. And that's what I did when they approached me/came to my work: I said give me your business [card] and the lawyer will contact you. And that is the education even though I have been in North America 17 years and graduated from college. Teaching us the rights we have, to say what is appropriate. Not telling us not to cooperate but telling us to cooperate with knowing our rights." – Somali community member

"I congratulate the Council on American-Islamic Relations on a successful year of encouraging dialogue, protecting civil liberties and building coalitions that promote justice and mutual understanding." -Rep. Betty McCollum, D-MN

"Many thanks for taking time to meet with me and the team to discuss the recent issue at the Southdale store. We believe that we have developed a good approach towards developing understanding and a long term relationship...You do great work and I continue to sing your praises." – Ed Goldberg, Senior Vice-President of Consumer Affairs, Macy's

"I was able to experience a taste of the great work CAIR is doing [3rd Annual CAIR-MN Banquet]. Minnesota has benefited greatly from your work, and that of your CAIR colleagues. Thanks for permitting me to be a part of it." –Peter Erlinder, William Mitchell College of Law

"We are truly blessed to have an organization like CAIR in our state! What would we do when faced with discrimination without thousands of dollars to a lawyer who may or may not really care. I can honestly not think of a better or more needed cause in our country right now." – Community Member

"We believe we made the right choice by attending the CAIR-MN event [2nd Annual Ramadan Dinner] as we fully support it's mission & feel it is a much-needed organization that is like a huge umbrella, encompassing & protecting all Muslims in Minnesota. Please extend our appreciation to all the board members for their tireless efforts & sacrifices!" –CAIR-MN Event Attendee

"I thank you [for] coming to Owatonna and staying with my community. You gave us very good support [in DOJ investigation of discrimination against Somalis in Owatonna School District]. May God give you a big reward for the job that you doing with Muslim community around the area." – Owatonna Muslim Community Leader

"As a blind Christian, I am so very pleased to hear of successes as this [Muslim cab drivers provide free rides at blind convention]. We come from all over to enjoy the benefits this country offers and it is little gestures as your honorable cab drivers have given and/or displayed. On my behalf, please thank your drivers, for I truly believe it is examples, as this, that truly brings a smile to the face of God." – Convention Attendee

"We realized it then [prior to CAIR-MN's establishment] and we realize it even more now just how important CAIR-MN is and will be to this community." -Twin Cities Imam

"CAIR-MN's support to our community during this troubling time has been tremendous. Their visits and presence in our community was uplifting for us all." -St. Cloud Muslim

"We, as a community, cannot take CAIR's work for granted because if we don't support organizations that are brave enough to counter such stereotypes and racism (and so creatively!), we've failed ourselves and we risk being complacent and indirect contributors to our very own oppression." – University of Minnesota Muslim Student Leader

"We stand with CAIR and the good work they do for the Muslim community in Minnesota." -Hassan Mahamud, Minnesota Dawah Institute

"I would like to express my sincere gratitude to you, and the entire CAIR Board, for the gracious invitation to speak and attend the first CAIR MN banquet last week. I don't mind telling you I was a little nervous about being there and worried about the negative potential impact I might have on the attendees but my worries were for nothing. I was most absolutely treated as if I were an honored guest and was treated with the highest amount of respect. I felt more like a friend than a stranger. As a matter of fact, I believe I even made a few very wonderful new friends! I am excited at the prospect of your future positive impact within your own community, but even more importantly, I am thrilled at the positive impact you will have on the greater Minnesota community!" –Ken Rodgers, Former President, American Council on the Blind of Minnesota

"I very much enjoyed the [CAIR-MN] banquet and I was touched by the warm reception extended to me by many of the attendees. The presentations later in the evening further sensitized me to the current concerns of Minnesota's substantial Muslim community. I passed those concerns along to my senior staff." – Ralph Boelter, Special Agent in Charge, FBI-Minneapolis.

"The townhall meeting was one of the most well organized and smoothly run events. There were representatives from Blaine Police Department, the Minnesota FBI, Blaine City Council, ICM, MAS-MN, AMCC, IRG, Al-Amal, Anoka Tech. College Student Council, Building Blocks, Minnesota Council of Churches, EngageMN, and a host of other organizations. Br. Chris Schumacher of CAIR-MN did a remarkable job of running the meeting.. It was remarkable for CAIR-MN to bring together various organizations for a common cause. I came out of the meeting feeling positive about the fact that despite the challenges ahead, the goodwill and passion for those who care will win the day finally. In'shaAllah."–Zafar Siddiqui, Community Leader

"I commend CAIR-MN on its leadership on this issue [African American Muslims and the Civil Rights Movement]. We look forward to working together in the future. May Allah reward you for your efforts." –Makram Elamin, Imam
of Masjid An Nur, Minneapolis

"I appreciated very much being able to participate in the CAIR meeting. Realizing that I would never have known about it without your invitation, I want to thank you. I particularly appreciated the recitation from the Qur'an. The musical flow of the words has no equal in any of the various denominations of Christian Churches I have participated in and the sound (I know little Arabic) sounded like poetry." –Dick Johnson, Lake Harriet United Methodist

"Thank you for providing the informational sheet [Public Defenders Guide to Working with Somali Community]. I have provided a copy to all of the attorneys on staff and will provide a copy to our conflict panel attorneys whenever they receive an appointment to represent an individual related to the Government investigation." –Office of the Federal Defender

"I want to thank you for the [Know Your Rights] presentation. It was really good. It is information like this that helps build people's confidence. Please keep up the good work." –Hyder Aziz, Dar al Farooq

"CAIR was there. CAIR is the only organization that I know of that has helped with civil rights for Muslim community/for the Somali community....Sr. Taneeza [CAIR-MN Civil Rights Director] and others came to my show, the Somali Community Link show on KFAI and Sr. Taneeza was there to talk to the Somali community on knowing their rights and what they should do and how they should go about when law enforcement approached them. But at the same time she was telling them know your rights, cooperate with law enforcement, and protect yourself as citizens of this country. But not only that but CAIR took the initiative to support family, friends, students, workers of the Somali community. We are here to support CAIR because they have done a tremendous job for the Somali community.....We appreciate you for being there for us. We appreciate you. And we can never appreciate you enough." –Zuhur Ahmed, KFAI Somali Community Link Host

"CAIR has helped a lot the Somali American Community. CAIR speaks for us. CAIR educated us as American citizens....we are the Somali American community and CAIR educated our people." –Mohamed Cali, Somali American
Community Executive Director